2020 Honda CR-V Redesign, Hybrid, Specs, and Price

2020 Honda CR-V Redesign, Hybrid, Specs, and Price. It’s still unclear which Honda’s SUV will get a hybrid drivetrain first– will it be the CR-V or the mid-size Honda Pilot? The subcompact HR-V is in the combination, as well as the comeback kid– Honda Passport. Still, the company will probably go with one of the two most popular crossovers. Our favorite is the 2021 Honda CR-V Hybrid. The concept is ready, the prototype is ready, and we can only wait for the official release date.

2020 Honda CRV Pictures

Honda Pilot is maybe the bellwether model, but the CR-V is the best-selling one. This could be a decisive advantage in the race for a new engine. The CR-V Hybrid will get visual refreshment, with the shape of a classic SUV. The exterior design is a great mixture of sporty style and elegance. The dimensions are increased a bit as well, but it will only improve the stability. The handling and cornering stay the same as on the standard model.

2021 Honda CR-V Hybrid MPG

The upcoming 2021 Honda CR-V Hybrid will deliver better mileage numbers, and it will be more environmental-friendly than the standard models. The main advantage of CR-V Hybrid is less consumption in city drive. According to the company, the engine will be able to offer 32 or 33 mpg in city conditions. Outside the urban areas, the CR-V Hybrid will record over 34 mpg.

2020 Honda CRV Specs

As has been mentioned, this SUV will be able to run only on electric power. We don’t have precise information about the electric mileage, we assume that the CR-V Hybrid will provide at least 25 miles before the recharge.

2021 Honda CR-V Hybrid Styling

The arriving 2021 Honda CR-V Hybrid will bring a slightly different look than the base model. The hybrid version is a bit wider and higher, with the accentuated design language. The hybrid model will gain the weight, but with that comes greater stability. The redesign of the exterior is truly a revolutionary step forward for the Honda. We shall see if the other vehicles in the future will follow the same design path. The focal points of this exterior surely are the wheel arches, which adds to the more aggressive look of the whole vehicle.

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2020 Honda CRV Images

The new model boldly combines some of the sportier element with elegant curves, to establish the desired aesthetic look. The A-pillars are narrower, so the hybrid gets larger wheels and more room inside. The aerodynamics is also improved, with sharp lines on the hood, and the rear panel only increases already high level of elegance. The front fascia participates as well, with the redesigned LED lights, and brand-new bumper. We could see a new grille in the future, but for now it stays the same as on standard CR-V.

Interior and Honda Sensing

The 2021 Honda CR-V will come with almost the same interior as the standard model. This version needs updates for its engine system. The cabin will definitely get some new and unique features, but overall interior design and comfort are pretty much the same as on petrol CR-V. The trim level starts with the LX model and 17-inch wheels, as a part of a standard package. Of course, with the higher-trim levels comes bigger wheels. The EX model adds the large infotainment display and Honda Sensing system. The EX includes leather upholstery and power-adjustable seats. The top-line CR-V Hybrid model is Touring. The Touring is equipped with the latest features and gadgets, smart systems, phone integration services, and navigation.

According to the news from the company, the Honda Sensing may become the standard suite on the upcoming 2021 Honda CR-V Hybrid. We still need to get official confirmation of this rumor. If the news turns out to be the truth, the drivers can expect lane keep function and adaptive cruise control. Lane departure warnings and front collision are standard features in Honda Sensing suite.

Honda CR-V Hybrid Specs

The Japanese company offers an intelligent i-MMD system for the first generation of 2021 CR-V Hybrid. This system uses two powertrains. One is the traditional, 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol drivetrain. This Atkinson engine teams-up with an electric motor. The gasoline unit is there for a drive and for recharging the electric power. One of the main changes is that the CR-V Hybrid doesn’t need a conventional gearbox. Instead, the brand-new fixed rated transmission will make a debut. This feature allows the direct distribution of power from the drivetrain to the wheels. As a result, drivers will feel the improved torque. The i-MMD system has a great advantage– self-adjustable usage of electric power. The drivers can be at ease, knowing that the i-MMD is taking care of everything.

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The CR-V Hybrid offers three drive modes: EV, Hybrid, and Engine drive mode. The EV is the genuine electric system. The vehicle will gain more capacity from the electric battery only, emitting zero CO2 at the same time. The Hybrid drive mode os a pure hybrid system, where the petrol engine provides power to move the electric mechanism. As a consequence, the redundant power recharges the battery. The last one, the Engine drive mode using the gasoline powertrain only. If the gasoline engine needs more power, the electric motor comes in and increase the output. The Engine drive mode is the best option on the highway, and i-MMD will recognize it. Still, in the urban condition, we suggest using either EV or Hybrid drive mode.

Release Date in the US and Price

The new Honda CR-V is definitely coming to Europe in the first few months of 2021. The reports from Japanese automaker claiming there’s no reason for prolonging the release date. The fans in the States are still waiting for official confirmation. North America is one of the world’s major automotive markets, so the big companies must be ready to deliver perfect vehicles, to ensure good resale figures. The debut in Europe is a kind of test for upcoming 2021 Honda CR-V Hybrid before heads over to the States.

The price of the arriving model is a mystery. According to the experts, we can expect that the CR-V Hybrid will be around $4,000 more expensive than the regular Honda CR-V. That means the starting price will be slightly under $30,000.

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