2022 Skoda Octavia: Rumors, Redesign, Specs, and Price

2022 Skoda Octavia: Rumors, Redesign, Specs, and Price. Skoda introduced the beginning of the fourth generation in Prague at the end of 2019. The 2022 Skoda Octavia changes are not small and attract a lot of new customers. Perhaps the best way to handle change is to have a comparative view of the old and upcoming Octavia. Designers use the same language but with significantly improved design on the exterior and interior.

2022 Skoda Octavia Release Date

New Octavia have 4.689 mm length, 1.829 mm wide, 2.686 mm wheelbase with 640 l in the caravan version and 600 l luggage space in sedan version. This means 5 mm space for knees more for rear seat passengers. Forward changes show a sharper front grille. The headlamp design are upgraded and inspired to the Scali and Superbu models. Matrix LED technology exist as option. The lateral lines are more pronounced and make a big visual difference.

The back view brings new taillights, more lines that give it muscularity and a simpler lower part. The place where the company emblem was now spelled her name. The Octavia model name has been switched from right to left side.

2022 Skoda Octavia Specs

Upcoming Octavia interior changes

A look at the previous generation immediately makes a difference. New Octavia have a new Golf-inspired dashboard. The central place belongs to 10.2 inches touch screen with multimedia system used in Golf. The new design includes a steering wheel that gets more style. The picture speaks beyond words, simply unremarkable!

2022 Skoda Octavia engine options

The powertrains will be borrowed from Golf. Need to mention 1.0 L turbo 3-cylinder TSI engine with 110 horses and 200 N/m. Next one in TSI line include 1.5 L with 150 horses and 25 N/m. The most strongest TSI is 2.0 L with 320 horses and 320 N/m. Paired with only dual-clutch DSG automatic transmission offer maximum speed up to 232 km/h. Acceleration from 0-100 km/h can reach for 6.9 seconds.

2022 Skoda Octavia Spy Photos

The Skoda also offer diesel options. Talking about 2.0 L TDI offered in three power outputs. Offer include 116, 150 or 200 horses with maximum 400 N/m. The strongest option is getting acceleration 0-100 km/h for 7.1 seconds. Available transmission is manual with six speed and seven speed DSG. The announcements confirm all-wheel drive.

Natural gas propulsion (CNG) are represented with 1.5 L TSI G-TEC engine with 130 horses and 200 N/m.

Need to mention the plug-in hybrid version. It is a combination electric motor and 1.4 L TSI engine which together should provide 204 horses and 350 N/m. The electric motor gets power from 13-kWh battery with autonomy of 55 km thanks to new WLTP standard.

2022 Skoda Octavia RS Hybrid

While details about the sort of hybrid setup the Octavia RS will use are not readily available, Autocar thinks it will utilize an uprated configuration of what the Superb PHEV will get in 2019. Strube said the company’s electrified flagship would have “more or less” the same setup seen in the Vision RS concept currently on screen in Paris.

As a refresher, the Vision RS combines a turbocharged 1.5-liter fuel engine with an electrical motor for a combined output of 241 hp, with no information about the quantity of torque readily available. Strube mentioned the obvious, stating he ‘d like to see an RS variant of the just recently found Rapid replacement. In the long run, Skoda is planning to release fully electrical RS-badged models, while the Fabia RS might return one day.

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