2022 Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell EV: Redesign, News, Release

2022 Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell EV: Redesign, News, Release. A futuristic impression is the most highlighted trait on 2022 Toyota Mirai. Just like the name, Mirai which means the future, this sedan tries to put modernity on every aspect. The newest version may only have some little improvements in terms of appearance. Toyota makes a big change for the platform.

2022 Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell EV Redesign

This change may give some effects on the price. With better performance, people may keep being interested to buy this car. It still maintains and improves sustainable technology with hydrogen Fuel Cell power.

2022 Toyota Mirai Specs

Let’s start talking about the 2022 Toyota Mirai specification from the dimensions. At a glance, it is similar to Toyota Prius but with a larger body. This car has 192.5 in length with 71.5 in width, and for the height, it is about 60.5 in. With those sizes, it can accommodate up to 12.8 cu ft cargo and 85.7 cu ft passenger.

2022 Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell EV Images

What makes it worth to be called a futuristic vehicle is the fuel system. Mirai uses Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) that powered by hydrogen. It can be environmentally friendly because hydrogen is made in renewable sources. With that system, it has no emission but water.

2022 Toyota Mirai Emission

Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel cell EV Emission is nothing, but water

2022 Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell EV Wallpapers

The type of the cell is a solid polymer electrolyte with a 370 number of cells. The hydrogen tank consists of 3 layers. Polymer liner for the inner layer, then there is a carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer in the middle. And for the outermost layer, it has fiber-glass-reinforced polymer.

You can refuel it up to 122.4 L. And for that volume, it can give 151 hp maximum output. The battery type is sealed nickel-metal hydride that can put out 244.8 V power.

There is a special chance for the 2022 version that is opposite to the older version. This is about the platform. If before Mirai uses front-wheel-drive (FWD), in 2022 they will change it to rear-wheel-drive (RWD). It said that the change is done to give the hydrogen tanks more room.

2022 Toyota Mirai Concept Exterior

Having a futuristic and luxurious look, This Toyota Hydrogen fuel cell Electric Sedan is giving an elegant impression. Referring to the 2019 version, you will see a pair of headlights with automatic high beams at the front. Down to the bottom, there is also a pair of wide-angle fog lights.

The heated outside mirrors will give you the convenience to clear moisture. It also has a power-folding feature to help you get a perfect angle. All of that exteriors include the touch-sensor doors, maybe keeping there in the 2022 Toyota Mirai.

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Generally, Toyota may give some minor improvements for the exterior of the newest version. There will no significant changes. You may also still see the exclusive 17 inches alloy wheels and heated wiper windshield. For the color choices, Mirai has had 6, and it is enough already.

2022 Toyota Mirai Interior

Still available in 2 color choices, the New Toyota Mirai interior will keep the elegant impression. The warm white one represents the real futuristic meaning and gives a different feeling for those who ride it. The deep ocean blue is very suitable to increase your thoughtful impression.

Going to the front cabin, you will some modern technologies. The dashboard displays a complete instrument panel. Speedometer, compass gauge, and fuel indicator must be the standard features. You can also activate the GPS on the display that also includes the entertainment system.

This sedan has 4 seats include for the driver. All of it is supported by SoftTex-trimmed two-stage heated seats. For the front seats, there is an 8-way power-adjustable feature. For the rear seats, there is an armrest with 2 cup holders.

Enjoy the smooth audio system of the JBL premium audio with 11 speakers. Entune multimedia also gives an amazing entertainment experience. Mirai has some entertainment connection choices. Don’t doubt listening to your favorite music or watching any entertaining videos.

Just insert a CD to the player or connect your flash drive to the USB port. You can also enjoy it wirelessly by streaming via Bluetooth. And don’t worry if your cell phone is low because Mirai has also Qi-compatible wireless smartphone charging.

Safety Features

Toyota has considered the safety even from the body structure. The frame design to reduce body deformation while crashing. Before the crashing happens, they have set up the safety system to prevent it. There is also what they call Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) installing in Mirai.

TSS includes some innovative features to increase security and safety while driving. One of them is pedestrian detection to help you getting ready to react for obstacles in front of you. And it can brake automatically if you don’t give a reaction.

Not only be aware of what comes in front of you. You can also detect something in your blind spot with Blind Spot Monitor (BSM). There is the warning indicator on the side view mirror for the safe lane changing. Rear Cross-Traffic Alert (RCTA) also helps you when to go parking.

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Safety Connect also gives you more security. It includes emergency assistance and stolen vehicle locator to help you get your car back even when it is stolen. And not left behind, there is also automatic collision notification.

For the worst possible such as collision, this car has equipped by 8 airbags at the crucial points. The collision sensors will also help to close the tank valves and deactivate high-voltage-battery.

2022 Toyota Mirai Price and Release Date

Previous Mirai starts at $58,500. With that price, we can expect that the 2022 version will reach more than $60,000. It is based on the fact that the 2022 Toyota Mirai platform will change from FWD to RWD. We can guess the price will be between $63,000 and $72,000.

And if you choose to finance, how you must buy may depend on the negotiation. Like the image, it may still keep the 1.9% APR for 72 months payment. The trailblazer may also increase to about $8,000.

Warranty & Toyota Care

8-year/ 100,000-mile FCEV warranty on key fuel cell electric vehicle components, including:

  • Fuel cell air compressor
  • Fuel cell boost converter
  • Fuel cell ECU
  • Fuel cell hydrogen tanks
  • Fuel cell power control unit (PCU).
  • Fuel cell stack.
  • Hybrid battery ECU (battery voltage sensor).
  • Hybrid battery pack.
  • Hybrid control module (power management control module).
  • Hydrogen fueling ECU.
  • ToyotaCare’s no cost normal factory scheduled maintenance plan for three years, or 35,000 miles, whichever comes. ToyotaCare’s no cost enhanced Roadside Assistance for three years, regardless of mileage.


Those are some leakages and guesses of the 2022 Toyota Mirai. It may be a fascinating fact that they change the platform away from the previous version. It may also the thing that has been awaited by the car enthusiasts. Is it will be a successful move? Just let’s wait and see.

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