2023 KIA Soul EV Specs, New Features, and Photos

2023 KIA Soul EV Specs, New Features, and Photos. The 2023 KIA Soul is still quaffed gasoline at most of the Trim level, but one of the Kicky hatchbacks in the Soul family drew inspiration from the grid: The 2023 KIA Soul EV.

2023 KIA Soul EV Specs

Delayed from the initial plan-year model to 2020, the 2023 Soul EV is the second electric car KIA. It directs completely clearly from fossil fuels, at least on the OEM side of the equation. There is not much in a specific way about the 2023 Soul EV, so until we drive it we will delay the rating.

2023 KIA Soul EV Specs, New Features

Let’s talk about the battery instead. The Soul EV now sports fluid-cooled, lithium-polymer battery rated at 64 KWH, which should be translated into a clean driving distance of more than 200 miles– through both the KIA and the EPA have been fated on as of. (The Soul’s previous 30-kWh Pak was good for 110 miles of reach.) The EV soul will charge through the CCS port, but KIA also refuses to say how fast.

2023 KIA Soul EV Specs

2023 KIA Soul EV Horsepower

The specification packs have been released, though, and the KIA’s Soul EV level battery is at 201 horsepower and 291 pound-foot torque, a figure that far exceeds their (on the torque side) new KIA Soul Turbo (201 HP, 195 lb-ft). The weighted pack in the inner factor, EV soul may still end up being a performance edition hatchback, with a prominent twist.

The driver can choose one of four regenerative braking levels by flicking the steering paddle that can carry the car to a full stop, said KIA. The EV soul can use the camera to detect the car on the front track and can adjust the battery output in advance; can also show how efficiently their drivers are driving.

2023 KIA Soul EV Drivetrain

2023 KIA Soul EV Interior

The 2023 Soul EV offers a long list of safety equipment, some standards, some optional. The list includes parking sensors, blind-spot monitors, automatic emergency braking, Adaptive Cruise Control, active line control, and automatic high beams.

The Soul EV will also offer 10.3-inch touchscreen display, wireless smartphone charging, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto compatibility, automatic climate control, Bluetooth with audio streaming, LED lights, and of course, a telematics system that Allows the smartphone app to display the charging status, battery status, and navigation with planned charging points.

2023 KIA Soul EV runs on sale in 2020; The EPA-Rated price and economy have not been disclosed, nor does it have a country where KIA will sell its newest electric vehicle.

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