2023 KIA Optima Redesign, Specs, Interior, and Photos

2023 KIA Optima Redesign, Specs, Interior, and Photos. Korean automakers and his company partner, Hyundai, have managed to shed stereotypes for years now. They have just evolved into two of the more attractive brands out there. KIA introduced genre-Busting a new model like the sporty four-door Stinger and a terrific three-line Telluride SUV. Now, the new 2023 KIA Optima heads the class further with a more stylish overhaul that has helped improve the company’s skyrocketing.

2023 KIA Optima Powertrain

Sure, the last generation can be handsome, but his successor gets more loving praise. Dare we call it sexy, even? This narrow lamp is outlined by a zigzag running light that joins into the’ s’ nose of the tiger “Grille to give a fierce face sedan. The hood and side surfaces are lined for additional characters without looking for extra busy.

New 2023 KIA Optima Redesign, Specs, Interior

A chrome strip runs congruently with a sweeping roofing line before crossing the pillar behind, tracing the top of the trunk lid, and linking the opposite side of the car. This helps create a completed Fastback profile with a provocative backlight that spans the back end and resembles a heart rate monitor.

2023 KIA Optima Spy Photos

The dashboard is dominated by a black-piano bezel that has a 12.3-inch digital-gauge cluster and a 10.3-inch touch screen. If anyone complains about inside Optima, this is a lack of tactile control. While the audio system has a volume knob, all others are controlled via steering wheel buttons or touch-sensitive zones around the screen. The same is true for the HVAC system. KIA claims this function is more intuitive than traditional Switchgear, but we prefer a physical thing that is more reliable and less intrusive.

Optima is great because of its fancy features and clear attention from KIA to detail. The company did not reveal the level of Trim we drove, but it showed what was expected of the most extravagant example. Our testers include cool interior lighting at doors and dashboards, a good air purification system, a heated and ventilated front seat (switch operated, fortunately), a handy head-up look, a luxury leather seat, and a charging pad Wireless.

2023 KIA Optima Concept

Optima will offer a wide selection of different machines in other markets, but the US model will have two options. This means there’s no more hybrid or plug-in hybrid– for now, at least. However, buyers can switch to KIA Niro or Soul EV for electric alternatives. 2023 Optima will also be available with an all-wheel-drive for the first time.

It’s not yet confirmed for the United States, but we hope it will be because rivals such as Nissan Altima and Toyota Camry offer it. The powerless Optima GT will give the American 2.5-liter turbocharged inline-four which should make around 290 horsepower and 310 lb-ft torque. It will pair with the first eight-speed Dual-clutch automatic transmission, a gearbox that will also be in the Hyundai Sonata N-line.

2023 KIA Optima Engine

Our advanced Optima was powered by another confirmed machine for the US that was the same 1.6-liter turbocharged inline-four that we tested on the 2020 Sonata Limited. It makes 180 horsepower and 195 lb-ft torque, which should apply to KIA. Optima also converts the front wheels through an eight-speed auto-money gearbox.

2023 KIA Optima Interior

This is a welcome punishment of the continuous moaning of the automatic transmission variable (CVTS) which is becoming more and more common. Gearbox Optima changes the ratio with a subtle consistency that can be held or rushed by switching to a sports drive mode or by moving the shifter paddle-wheel-Mounted. It denied the aggressive Downshift and a short inactive start upshift.

People who care that will not be interested in Optima anyway. Instead, a competent four Turbo low-end power and quiet nature will meet most of the drivers. When trying to pass the slowpokes on highway speeds, they just have to be patient.

Although there is a possibility the fifth generation Optima can be called K5 when it comes to the US, which is hardly important as it will be almost identical to the Korean version we drove. We’re not a fan of the potential name change, but the new car is much better than its predecessor that KIA could call it Gangnam style without hurting its appeal. Not only is it arguably more attractive than mainstream competitors, but the mid-size sedan also offers countless top-class features and– perhaps– a highly-coveted all-wheel drive.

2023 KIA Optima Price

That might even steal some sales Sonata. Who knows? What we do know is that the Optima or K5 all-new or whatever KIA decides to call should be a great value and a big car when it hits the US Showrooms in the second half of next year with a price tag that might start around $25,000.

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