2020 John Deere Gator Prices, Specs, & Pictures

2020 John Deere Gator Prices, Specs, & Pictures. 2020 John Deere Gator John Deere Gators has been a staple at work and animal husbandry since the original TH Gator in 1992.

2020 John Deere Gator Release Date

Today, there is a large line of John Deere Gators designed for everything from hard work to sporty recreation to a variety of job applications.

Below we will look at all the current John Deere Gators to help point you in the right direction.

2020 John Deere Gator Drivetrain


Known as the T-Series Gator, this is the engine most similar to the original John Deere Gators from 25 years ago without a protective roll-over structure and a simple powered engine.

The 4 × 2 TS is the most affordable option and does not have a suspension outside of low-pressure tires, 13.5 hp 400cc engine, 500-pound cargo capacity, and 900-pound crane capacity.

2020 John Deere Gator Redesign

Upgrade to TX 4 × 2 for a 649cc 15.5 hp engine, 600-pound cargo capacity, and 1000 pound crane capacity.

TH 6 × 4 is offered in the same 675cc gasoline engine and 842cc diesel plant and has a cargo capacity and a crane capacity of up to 1,400 pounds.

TE 4 × 2 Electric is equipped with a 48V DC motor with a payload capacity of 900 pounds and a crane capacity of 500 pounds.

The TX Turf is designed to work on smooth surfaces and has a 400cc engine with a 600-pound cargo box and a 1000-pound towing capacity. Prices start at $ 7349.

  • Overhead valve design for greater efficiency
  • Four-wheel hydraulic disk brakes
  • Wide wheel stance and a low center of gravity
  • The Cayman Turf tire is four-ply rated
  • STARTING AT: $9,949.00 USD.


Consisting of only two models, the John Deere Gators HPX looks like a more modern UTV and is all about work with little thought to entertain.

The HPX615E base is equipped with a 617cc engine that produces 20 horsepower, seating for two people, a 1,000-pound cargo box, and 1,300-pound crane capacity.

The HPX615E is the same vehicle, but with an 854cc diesel engine that produces 18.2 horsepower. Prices start at $ 11,159.

  • 4-wheel drive, standard.
  • 16.4 cu ft (.46 cu m) cargo box with a 1,000 lb (450 kg) capacity.
  • Pickup-style tailgate.
  • Real dumping cargo box.
  • STARTING AT: $11,369.00 USD.


The Gator XUV middle family consists of work vehicles that can have a little fun now and again.

The Gator XUV560E two-seat base features a 570cc engine that produces 16hp, four-wheel independent suspension, a 500-pound cargo box, and 680-pound crane capacity.

XUV590E has increased power thanks to a 586cc engine that produces 32 hp power.

Moved to XUV590M for power steering and increased towing capacity of 1,500 pounds, while the XUV590M Special Edition featured Maxxis Bighorn tires, aluminum wheels, Fox monotube shocks, half doors, door guards, roofs and more.

All four-seat versions except the Special Edition model are also available. Prices start at $ 8,399.


The full-size XUV family answered the bell when it came to John Deere Gators who could work hard.

Each machine can carry 1,000 pounds in a cargo bed. The two-seat XUV825E base has an 812cc engine that produces 52hp, fully independent front and rear suspension, and 1,500-pound crane capacity.

The XUV825M is the same engine with the addition of power steering, the XUV855E is a diesel-powered version with an 854cc engine that produces 22.8 hp and 36.9 lb-ft torque, and the XUV855M is a diesel version with power steering. There are also four-seat versions of XUV825M and XUV855M.

The Gator XUV835 model has seats for three and is powered by an 812cc engine that pumps 54 horsepower.

The XUV835E can pull up to ₤ 2,000 and features an independent four-wheel suspension, while the XUV835M adds power steering.

XUV835M Cab is equipped with a complete cabin, XUV835M HVAC Cab adds heating and air conditioning, Deluxe Cab XUV835R adds LED lights and Deere green roof.

  • Three-person cockpit.
  • Power steering for maneuverability.
  • Long-lasting LED lights, standard.
  • Cab with heat and A/C, standard.
  • STARTING AT: $25,849.00 USD.


UTV sports performance is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of John Deere Gators, but the Gator RSX series offers it.

The RSX860E comes alive thanks to the 839cc V-Twin which produces the claimed 62hp and a top speed of 60 mph.

Other features include a four-wheel independent suspension, wide bow front arms, and Fox high-pressure adjustable rear turbulence.

This machine can also carry 500 pounds of cargo behind and draw another 1,500 pounds when you are not walking around. If you want power steering, the Gator RSX860M has it.

  • Isolated engine mount for less vibration and noise.
  • Top speed of 60 mph (97 km/h).
  • 1000-hour or 12-month warranty.
  • STARTING AT: $11,699.00 USD.

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