2025 Bollinger B2 Electric, Redesign, Hybrid, and Specs

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2025 Bollinger B2 Electric, Redesign, Hybrid, and Specs. The upcoming 2025 Bollinger B2 is an all-electric truck that is about to arrive. It is one of the oddest models we have seen so far. In our opinion, B2 truck and Cybertruck are something completely new in terms of appearance. The two models are using a totally different approach when it comes to exterior design. Bollinger B2 looks boxy and primitive.

While some other manufacturers such as Ford or GMC are offering very modern-looking trucks, Bollinger surprised us all. However, if you can get past its strange looks, the B2 model is a very capable performer. It is a very practical model that will deliver good towing capacity and driving range. A few weeks ago, Bollinger revealed more info about its batteries. Some parts of the vehicle are still a mystery.

Bollinger B2 Specs, Driving Range

The all-new 2025 Bollinger B2 truck will arrive with a dual-motor setup. One motor sits at this combination and each axle will deliver around 615 horsepower and 668 lb-ft of torque. The all-wheel-drive system is offered as standard. B2 model will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds and its top speed is rated at 100 mph. It is a lot of power, but it seems like the B2 truck will fall short behind its biggest competitors.

Bollinger will offer a two-speed transfer case, allowing both high and low ranges. Thanks to that, off-road ability is better. Speaking of off-roading, the B2 model will provide various different ride heights, from 10 to 20 inches. The Bollinger B2 will tow up to 7,500 pounds and payload capacity is rated at 5,000. According to various reports, a 120kwh battery pack will offer around 200 miles of driving range

Battery Packs Revealed

A couple of weeks ago, Bollinger Motors provided more details about the battery pack that will power the brand’s arriving models. The 2025 Bollinger B2 is just one of the models in the lineup, along with the B1 SUV. The B2 model is a utility pickup that will deploy various batteries, ranged from 35 kWh to 175 kWh. According to Bollinger, the customers can choose batteries such as 70-, 104, and 140-kWh variants.

Moreover, the manufacturer will provide configurations from 350 to 700 volts. This will allow faster charging, but some other automakers such as GMC are already offering 200 kWh battery with 800V charging. Bollinger said the battery systems won’t be T-shaped as other manufacturers are offering this system. Instead, the B2 truck will deploy a structural I-beam.

2025 Bollinger B2 Equipment and Price

As we said, the 2025 Bollinger B2 will be a very roomy and practical model. The interior will offer odd things but the comfort will be admirable. Whatsoever, you will find a couple of luxury stuff inside the cabin. A hollowed-out interior will allow the customers to store longer items with ease. Safety will be impressive so we should expect various driver-assistance aids.

The exterior design is very strange. The B2 truck is unique and it offers things such as removable doors, windows, roof, and body panels. The price will start at around $125,000. While Bollinger finally revealed details about the battery pack, some things are still a mystery. The sales will begin at some point during 2025.